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Transitional Style is a unique combination of furnishings that give your house a classic contemporary look. Not to be confused with traditional style, transitional style is a mix of contemporary furniture, classic design, in a subdued color pallet. Indianapolis Transitional Decor is a hot style right now as new young homeowners desire a new look that is polished, open, and fresh.

Urban Styles has a large selection of furniture perfect for the newest transitionally styled room in your house. Whether you’re looking for a solid stately headboard for your master bedroom or a modern looking couch with decorative wooden legs, give one of our locations a call, and one of your team members will be happy to find the Indianapolis Transitional Decor you’ve been searching for.

What is Transitional Style?

If you’re looking for a timeless design for your home that doesn’t feature bright colors and bold patterns, then transitional is probably the style you’re aiming for. Pinterest shows a lot of rooms in transitional styles. Typically, transitional decor features mostly very neutral colors such as whites, creams, and beiges. These colors are contrasted with textures and or dark tones like wood and lacquer. Common fabrics include suede, chenille, and leather.

A key to finding the perfect transitional decor for your room is matching your items thoroughly. All tables should match as well as multiple chairs. Mix and matching are more in line with the eclectic style, whereas transitional is more of a combination of modern and minimalist. Furnishings tend to be bold with classic lines and not many curves. You want your room to feel clean and sophisticated.

The room should take a minimalist approach – less is more. Make sure spacing between items is even and your room takes on a clean and balanced shape. Walls should not be cluttered with art, they should be sparse. If you want to add art, create a focus wall or a small gallery wall. Try to make sure all the frames match. They should also be either wooden or minimalist.

Indianapolis Transitional Decor tends to feature neutral tones like whites, creams, and beiges

Neutral & Elegant

Transitional rooms tend to be on the more elegant side. If you have a sitting room, living room, or parlor that gets seldom used, filling it with Indianapolis Transitional Decor is a good way to give off a great impression to anyone who walks in your house. Having a transitional sitting room will give off the impression that this room is always clean as well as elegant.

Matching furniture and the right tones really brighten up a room and give the impression its cared for with minimal work on your part. Minimalist decorating will give the room a more open floor and wall space. This style is a great mix of masculine and feminine attributes for a comfortable design.

If you’re looking for transitional decor for your bedroom, then you’ll want to show off the classic elements in your bedroom set. Having a matching headboard, dressers, and end tables will really sell this look. Keep your walls a light or tan color, and your duvet should be a light color as well. Add mirrors and bright colored pillows for a little contrast, but your transitional bedroom will always seem clean and classy.

For a transitional kitchen that looks spotless and sophisticated, keep the colors closer to whites and grays. Use crown molding and molding on cabinet doors to bring in your classic elements, but then use subtle geometric patterns on the backsplash to invite guests in.

Indianapolis Transitional Decor Elements

When shopping around for Indianapolis Transitional Decor, you’ll want to look for furniture that is in the neutral pallet. Creams and grays are great colors for couches that you can add texture to with soft pillows or light-colored blankets. As you continue to shop, you may find that you want to add pops of color. Make those pops deliberate and minimal. Keep them all in the same color tone if you can. Don’t try to add too much color.

Furniture Indianapolis

What is fun about transitional decor is its opportunities to upcycle. Transitional is the transition from classic to modern, so it needs to be a good balance of both. If you have a modern couch, look for antique lamps that have minimal curves but lots of old-world charm. You could flip the balance the other way as well. Look for ornate pieces of furniture with clawfoot legs and decorative molding with modern lighting and glass tables.

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