Urban Styles has been providing the very best Indianapolis Home Decor for more than 25 years. We pride ourselves on offering an exceptionally broad selection of furniture for every room of your home including the bedroom, living room, dining room, sun room, family room, and office.

Our large inventory also includes pieces from a wide variety of design styles. Indianapolis Home DecorWhether you like shabby chic, retro, modern, farmhouse, minimalist, traditional, rustic, industrial, or bohemian style furniture, you’re sure to find something you like at Urban Styles.

And if you like buying furniture pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind, there’s no better place to shop than Urban Styles. Our buyers deliberately seek out furniture that you won’t find anywhere else. We even buy direct from factories all over the world just to get the exceptional furniture you’re looking for.
If you’d like to see a small sampling of the furniture we offer, we invite you to check out the gallery on our website or follow our Instagram account. Better yet, come see all we have to offer in person.

Making the Most of Your Indianapolis Home Decor

Indianapolis Home DecorOnce you come to Urban Styles, you’re sure to find furniture you absolutely love. But often the biggest challenge is knowing the best ways to make changes to your current decor. Here are a few tips to help you out so you can make the most of your new Indianapolis Home Decor.

Create Mismatched Sets

The good news is that with modern style, you don’t need to worry about finding furniture that matches. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. Having multiple pieces with the exact same color, wood stain, or fabric is a one-way ticket to Boring Town – talk about monotonous!

So instead of focusing on finding matching pieces, deliberately create a mismatched set. For example, you could pair a white wooden table with colorful plastic chairs. Or try a medium brown leather sofa with orange fabric padded chairs.Indianapolis Home Decor

These types of arrangements give you a chance to express your creativity and bring a much more vibrant feel to your Indianapolis Home Decor.

Use Abstract Lighting

We all know what lighting is for. It’s just there to brighten up a room and help us see better, right? Well, not exactly.

In years past, homeowners often preferred their lighting to stay hidden in the background, putting little thought into the fixtures they bought. But thankfully that trend has changed.

Lighting is definitely useful, but it isn’t just a utilitarian fixture. In addition to illuminating a room, lighting can also become an integral part of your Indianapolis Home Decor. You can use your light fixtures as points of interest or unique design features.

Try to find lighting that makes a statement, like a dining room chandelier in unusual geometric shapes like interlocking triangles or hoops. Or maybe a glass globe with blue swirls for your entry way or a multicolored glass and metal wall sconce in your bathroom. There’s a lot you can do to liven up your space with lighting!

Quirk is Queen

If you look around at a lot of furniture stores, you’ll soon begin to notice that you’re seeing the same pieces over and over again. Furniture stores like that are stuck in the past when homeowners were more concerned about keeping up with their neighbors.

Indianapolis Home DecorThese days, home decor is all about personalization and individual expression. Of course you want your home to be comfortable but you don’t want it to look like every other house on the block. You want to make it uniquely yours.
That’s where quirk comes in. Find a few unique pieces that really speak to you and incorporate them into your decor to let your personality shine through.
For example, if the only kind of dog you ever had growing up was a corgi, find a corgi art print to hang on your wall. Or if you love to travel, buy a globe, use a travel trunk for a table, or find a temple replica to place on your coffee table.

Visit Urban Styles for More Design Tips

If you’d like to learn more about updating your space, come talk to the friendly personnel at Urban Styles. We’d love to help you find the perfect pieces to fit your home, lifestyle, and personality. Check out our gallery here.

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