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Urban Styles is Indianapolis’ go-to furniture store. We have a variety of styles of home decor and furniture. We have all the elements that you’ll need to fit into your home. Our stores are full of wall décor, furniture, accent pieces, and eclectic lighting features. Visit any of our locations to see our wide inventory of furniture in a variety of styles, even Traditional Home Decor Indianapolis.

Traditional Doesn’t Mean Antique

Traditional Home Decor Indianapolis Bedroom Furniture

Traditional Decor is usually very intricate and elegant, but it’s not all thrones and gigantic armoires. Classical furnishings like decorative wallpaper, beautiful curtains, patterned rugs, and puffy couches with big arms are all common in a traditional house.

Traditional décor of the 21st century mimics the curves and carvings of the furniture styles made through the early 20th century and so retain that stylistic identification. It can include a variety of styles from country to neoclassical. Many designers like to mix art deco and traditional for a modern look with a classic take.

Many people think that Traditional Home Decor Indianapolis is oversized and overbearing. Soft curves, subtle patterns, and controlled carvings make modern-day traditional furniture lighter and more compatible with 21st-century styles.

Incorporating Traditional Home Decor in Your Room

The big arms on this couch are a common feature on Traditional Home Decor

Just because things look old doesn’t mean that have to be stuffy and uncomfortable. Instead, Traditional Home Decor Indianapolis can make your home feel elegant and fancy. Rooms where you frequently entertain can become the perfect setting for an elegant occasion.

Dining rooms are perfect for incorporating the traditional style. Oftentimes, traditional furniture will come in a set, and dining room sets are usually easy to find. Guests will be impressed by the intricate details in your table and the high quality of the material. Soft, round, velvet chairs could be found in many fun colors. Match your chairs to bold patterned curtains to create the perfect place for your next dinner party.

Living rooms, offices, or sitting rooms could benefit from a traditional styled leather chair or couch. Traditional furniture is known for its soft style and curves, so couches and chairs usually have big arms and wooden legs. If you have some old family antiques that you’d like to showcase in these rooms, this is the style to do it. Having a couple of assorted antiques in a room will make for great conversation as well as character.

Another room you can find traditional sets for is the bedroom. Sleep like royalty in your large traditional bedframe. With matching dressers or an armoire, your room will feel complete after one shopping trip. Add antique lamps or symmetrical pieces of framed art to create a feeling of balance and comfort in your quiet space.

Traditional Home Decor Indianapolis From Urban Styles

At Urban Styles, we have a large collection of furniture that will help create the room of your dreams. Check out any of our locations to see our Traditional Home Decor Indianapolis today. Our friendly associates will be happy to help you find exactly when you’re looking for to complete your traditional style room today.