Has shopping at big box stores for your Indianapolis Bathroom Decor started to wear you out? It is always so hard to go into a store like Walmart and Target to look for decor. None of their pieces seem unique and made JUST for you. Isn’t it time you step up your bathroom decorations and come to Urban Styles?

Top Indianapolis Bathroom Decor Ideas

It is no stretch of the imagination to assume that your bathroom is the most undecorated room in your home. With our bathrooms being one of the most visited areas of our home, it is surprising that we do not put more time or effort into creating an appealing environment in this space.  How can you make your bathroom a refuge for you and your guests? Take a look at our design help below!

Wall Paper and Rugs

The new trend in the last few years has become has been bright and unique rugs and accent walls. This is a great way to bring in your unique personality without overdoing it.  Bright rugs are a great way to bring a pop of color to a plain bathroom. Once you have your rug picked out, you can decorate the rest of your bathroom with small accents of the same color. Come check out Urban Styles for your Indianapolis Bathroom Decor.

Floor to Ceiling Tiles

A large percentage of people do not have large bathrooms; therefore, it is extremely important to be sure that you create a space that feels larger than it is! Using tiles from the floor all the way to the ceiling creates the illusion of a taller room.

Many times you hear that the darker the room the smaller it looks, but this is not always the case when it comes to darker colored tiles as long as they are all the way to the ceiling.

More fun tricks with tile are:

  • Ombre Tile (tile going from light to dark)
  • Diagonal Tiling
  • Accent Title
Organization and Haning Shelves

As mentioned above, a lot of homes in the Indianapolis area do not have extremely large bathrooms. This makes storage and clutter a very big issue, especially in rooms that others will be using! A great way to maximize space is by using floating shelves with cute wicker baskets to hide small objects.

Industrial or Metalic Accents

Shows like “Fixer Upper” have brought farmhouse and industrial designs back into style. The bathroom is a great place to bring in these industrial accents. This can be done with shelving, mirrors, as well as fixtures.

Just like the rise of Industrial accents, metal accents have become widely popular across the United States. Again, these accents can be found with mirrors, countertop decor, and even fixtures.

Plants and Flowers

Adding plants have become a great way to add “freshness” to your bathroom. Having a small amount of greenery in your bathroom is a great way to create a small oasis for your guests. You can add plants by having a flower in a vase, floating shelves, hanging plants, and countertop planters. Stop by an Urban Styles location for your planters, or if you are anything like me, for your faux plants!

Why Choose Urban Styles for Your Indianapolis Bathroom Decor?

Get out of the big box store rut! Come to Urban Styles to find eclectic and unique decor for every inch of your home! Our showroom has thousands of pieces large or small. You could come in every day of the week and find something you did not see the day before!

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