The couch or the sofa in your living room is the focal point in your room. It is the largest piece of furniture in the room and it can really set the tone for the style or color scheme you’re looking for.  Start your living room planning by visiting Urban Styles to check out our Castleton Couch and Sofa selection today!

Planning Your Living Room Layout

An empty room in a new house is a blank canvas for your living room masterpiece. Take a look at your space and play with the space. Start by measuring the room and drawing a floor plan to create a visual model to work with. Draw a few different arrangements to see how many ways you can place furniture in the room.

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Be sure to keep an eye out for doors and alcoves in the room. Try not to block them with furniture unless you want to. If you have kids or pets, consider how much room is between the furniture. If you have children that will need room to play or run around, make sure your area isn’t full of obstacles that will get knocked over.

Once you have settled on a floor plan that you like, map out the room to get a better idea of the space you have to play with. Use painters’ tape or newspaper on the floor to create a 2-dimensional floor plan. This will help you get a better feel for the optimal size of your Castleton Couch and Sofa.

Living Room Furniture Essentials

When planning your living room, you need to start with the basic furniture. Most living rooms have a sofa, armchair, loveseat, side table, and coffee table. Find these pieces first before you start adding any extra pieces or décor. Making sure these pieces match your style is essential or else your room will look disorganized.

If this living room isn’t going to be your primary living space, take this opportunity to make this room stylish and modern. Include furniture that is sleek and stylish with neutral colors. Incorporate glass tables, chairs with metal legs, and matching pillows to create a room that will impress your guests.

If you have ample room, you might want to consider a sectional couch instead of a sofa and armchairs. This is another choice that depends on the frequency the room is used and the sort of people you frequently entertain. Sectional couches are great for snuggling and sitting close. If you have a big family that will use the living room often, then a sectional is a great choice to keep everyone in close comfort.

If you find that you entertain friends more than family, keeping with a couch, armchair, and a love seat will allow your guests to find personal space while still enjoying your company.

How To Choose the Perfect Couch and Sofa

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When choosing your perfect Castleton Couches and Sofas for your living room, there are many options to consider. The number one factor should be the people in your family and a style that fits them best. If you have kids or maybe you are accident prone, be sure to consider couches and sofas that have stain-resistant fabrics. If your couch or sofa is going to be near a window, avoid natural fabrics on furniture. Sunlight will cause colors on natural fabrics to fade easily.

Besides the fabric, consider the makeup of the couch. Everyone likes the idea of down cushions, but down has a tendency to wear down easily limiting the life of your couch. Look for couches made of wrapped foam or fiber for a more comfortable and durable seat.

The frame of your Castleton Couch and Sofa is incredibly important. If you are at a store shopping, a good way to test the frame before you buy is by lifting one leg of the couch. Lift the couch 6 inches off the floor, and if the adjacent leg does not rise then the frame is too flimsy and flexible. If you want a couch that lasts, having a strong quality frame will prevent the couch from bending and warping. Solid hardwood is best. Be wary of particleboard and metal frames.

Urban Styles is Your Castleton Couch and Sofa Headquarters

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and clean looking modern sofa or a large comfortable sectional for your living room, Urban Styles has the best variety of Castleton Couch and Sofas. Visit one of our 5 showrooms around Indianapolis and one of our helpful representatives will be happy to help you find the perfect furniture for your room.