Although Indianapolis is located in the Midwest, which is surrounded by many farms, the majority of people in the Hamilton County area have very modern, suburban homes. There are no cows roaming the fields nearby, but instead kids running up and down the blocks and people walking their dogs. If you were to open up the front door of many of these houses, they might tell a totally different story with the now popular farmhouse decorating style.

What Is Farmhouse Decorating?

Farmhouse decorating is a great decorating style to merge the old with the new. It is cozy and light but also full of character. It blends in modern design with nature elements without going over the top with excessive amounts of fake plants and flowers.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas from our Indianapolis Furniture Store!

Urban Styles takes pride in staying on top of modern furniture and decor trends. We buy directly from over 500 vendors throughout the world and have hand-picked selections in our Indianapolis furniture store. If you are looking to incorporate the farmhouse feel in your house, here are some furniture and decorating ideas that will help you achieve a great farmhouse style:


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Reclaimed Wood – Reclaimed lumber comes from timbers and decking wood that is rescued from old factories, warehouses and barns. Being able to find the perfect distressed wood might be a difficult task, however, our furniture showroom has many pieces that incorporate that reclaimed wood look and feel. From coffee tables to side tables,

Indianapolis Farmhouse Furniture

Antique Furniture – Our Indianapolis Furniture store has a large variety of pieces that will compliment your farmhouse style including leather sofas, patterned chairs, and neutral pieces to pull in the color from the decor pieces around them. Match them with your reclaim wood coffee and end tables and you have a great farmhouse-themed combination.

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Sliding Barn Doors – Both stylish and functional, sliding barn doors are a great farmhouse touch for your home. Many pieces of our, including media consoles, have the sliding barn door look to them adding that touch of farmhouse to your Indianapolis home.

Vintage-inspired accessories –  One of the best parts of the farmhouse style is the accessories. Once used for more function than decor, there are a lot of pieces we offer at Urban Styles that will compliment your farmhouse style. From bird cages to globes and even antique sowing machines, there’s a large selection of accessories you can choose from.

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Wall Art –  Have empty wall space? Rustic or vintage-inspired signs add personality and character to any farmhouse-themed space. The signage will compliment your room by allowing your room be fully surrounded by the farmhouse theme from floor to ceiling. Look for elements such as gears and large clocks in our Indianapolis store, to pair perfectly with your furniture and accessories.

Our Indianapolis Furniture Store Should Be Your First Stop

No matter what direction you choose to go with you home’s renovation, you should start your search at Urban Styles. Located right off of the 465 loop on the northside of Indianapolis, our furniture store has all you’ll need to give your house the farmhouse look and feel you’ve always dreamed of to turn your house into a home!

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