Living Room Castleton Home Decor from Urban StylesWhen moving into a new house, it might be a bit overwhelming at first. You might feel a need to fill every room immediately without thinking about what looks best. As a result, you end up with a messy hodge-podge of a room that you don’t feel like rearranging because you don’t want to move heavy furniture again.  If you’re a recent new homeowner, don’t call the movers just yet. Now is the time to muse about how to create your new space. We have tips for creating the perfect living room layout and then filling it with Castleton Living Room Decor from Urban Styles to create the ultimate relaxing oasis for your new home.

Steps to Create The Perfect Living Room Layout

If you have an empty house right now waiting to fill up with Castleton Living Room Decor, then its the perfect time to measure your rooms. Without big furniture in the way, you’ll be able to get more exact measurements. Draw out your room on a piece of paper first. Whether its a digital drawing or on lined paper, its good to have your picture to scale. The easiest is 1 inch to 1 foot, but you might want to scale up to really play with space.

If you have a couch or other big pieces of furniture already, be sure to draw that to scale as well. Cut out the shapes of your furniture and move them around your floor plan. This is a great idea if you have a couple of ideas for sizes and shapes of couches. Then you can really see how that circular chair fits or doesn’t fit in the room.

Consider the Shape of Your Living Room

Best Indianapolis Furniture StoreNot all living rooms are created equal. Some living rooms are large and open which is great for entertaining, but how do you create an invisible barrier to show where the room ends? Some rooms are long and narrow, how can you fit enough furniture in it without seeming cramped? In square living rooms, you might have a hard time finding balance around the room. With the right Castleton Living Room Decor, any shaped living room can be the comfortable space you imagine it to be.

Open Living Rooms

When designing a floor plan, the first thing is to pick a focal point in the room. It could be a television or a fireplace, and then make sure that it can be seen from every piece of furniture.  Be sure the distance between the television and the main sitting area is 8 to 12 feet away maximum for the best viewing experience.

With an open floor plan, a sectional or multiple couches can help create an end to the room. Keeping seating close together will help make an open room feel more intimate. If you add end tables or other Castleton Living Room Decor, be sure that you keep in line with your barrier. This is also true if you include a rug or artwork on the wall.  Keep everything in line with your imaginary wall. If you paint your living room, don’t change colors in the open rooms. You want to keep the flow without an abrupt transition from room to room.

Narrow Living Rooms

A narrow living room might feel claustrophobic, but with the right furniture placement, a narrow room can feel intimate and cozy. Add more storage and color to a room by adding built-in wall shelves or an entertainment center to make the most of a narrow space without sacrificing the floor space.

In a narrow room, it might be hard to move from one end to the other without a big intrusion.  If you have a narrow living room, keep all the furniture to one side making an unintrusive path between one wall and the furniture. Make sure the space is wide enough and not interrupting the flow. This can be achieved by making the walkway behind a couch or past a coffee table, but not between the table and the couch. If you have a rug, use it to define the walk area. Don’t let the rug take up the whole floor, and instead leave a little gap of flooring so people are guided easily to the next room.

You can also put furniture at an angle and dissect a room in half. This is a good idea if you want to create a multi-functional room. A long backed couch at an angle can create an intimate corner while leaving the rest of the room to seem more open. With narrow rooms, it might difficult to find a sectional that fits. Instead, opt for smaller pieces of furniture like love seats or chairs to provide more seating without dominating the entire space.

Square Living Rooms

Although the square living room seems like the most ideal shape for a livingPaintings Indianapolisroom, it does not mean it’s easier to design. Don’t feel compelled to push all your seating to the walls. This can create too much space and leaves you sitting far away from each other.  In square living rooms, its also easy to put too much furniture in the room or in one corner making the room feel cramped or unbalanced.

Push the furniture away from the wall. You can put Castleton Living Room Decor pieces like a console table behind the sofa and create a walkway around the room. By keeping the furniture closer together in the middle of the room away from the walls will create a much more intimate and relaxing living room.

Visit Urban Styles For A Large Selection of Castleton Home Decor

No matter the size of your living room, a trip to one of Urban Style’s Castleton locations will get you inspired to start decorating. We have a wide variety of Castleton Living Room Decor to chose from. From couches, end tables, lamps, and unique pieces that you’ll love to feature in your room. Any of our friendly associates will be happy to help you find the best furniture for your living room layout.