With the holidays and the new year closing in on us, how did this happen?! Anyways, as the holidays come in hot, it’s hard not to look at Pinterest and Instagram, praying for the funds to create the perfect furniture for the perfect gathering space. Come on, you know you have those enviable moments scrolling through thousands of elegant and modern furniture pins. What if we told you that with the help of Urban Styles, you too could have a place and furniture you can be proud of and inspired by during the holidays? Urban Styles has anything your heart desires. Whatever style you are, our store has it. If we don’t we can custom order furniture just for you!

At Urban Styles, your favorite Indianapolis Furniture Store, we offer a very large selection of quality furniture for you to create the perfect gathering place for friends and family. The furniture pieces you choose for any space or room can make a big impact when it comes to welcoming guests in and creating a comfortable atmosphere.

To encourage you to create an inspiring gathering space to host your next holiday party, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite tips, tricks, and furniture for your home.

Starting with the Living Room

The furniture for many conversations and laughs is the couch. We have a grand selection of sectionals in our store here in Indianapolis. Sectionals fit more people and are in a shape to encourage conversation and camaraderie.

Another amazing piece of furniture that you must have in your living room is an ottoman. This furniture piece is so versatile. Many of our ottomans double as mini storage units so that you can keep your gathering space free of clutter. Bringing everyone together in a comfortable way.

Rug- especially if you have hard wood floor, it enhances the comfortability of the room this really cements the look you are going for and pulls it all together.

Moving on to the Dining Room

Memories and family decisions are made around the kitchen table. The perfect table for conversation is circular. At Urban Styles, your favorite Indianapolis Furniture Store we carry offer custom-made tables that are built to fit your space here in Indianapolis perfectly. You can speak with one of our store representatives and build the table of your dreams that you can raise a family around. Complete your space with custom chairs so that the conversation overflowing from the kitchen to the dining room never has to end.

Accessories Are a Must

Accessories are the icing on your cake when it comes to furniture. Our favorite furniture piece that we carry when it comes to the dining room is a cubbard to display all of your prized possessions that have been passed down for generation. These can also be investment pieces that generate conversations. Break the ice if you will.

For inspiration, stop by any one of our five Indianapolis locations to find your newest furniture pieces that will take you through the years to come:

  • Urban Styles at 8375 Castleton Corner Drive
  • Furniture Discounters West at 4150 North Lafayette Road
  • Urban Underpriced at 5602 Castleton Corner Lane
  • Furniture Discounters East at 10012 East Washington Street
  • American Furniture at 4647 West 38th Street

Your Favorite Indianapolis Furniture Store

Here at Urban Styles, we carry all styles of furniture from antiques to contemporary, anything you could possibly want from a furniture store to create a place for gathering this holiday to spend quality time with friends and family. Never hesitate to reach out and ask questions about our furniture or products, we are always eager to hear about your next design project. Fill out our contact form or give one of our store representatives at +1 317-578-7770. In the meantime, check out our gallery to see if any furniture inspires you for your home!