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Urban Styles Furniture has been helping our customers furnish their homes since 1975. A lot has changed since then. Styles have changed, quality has changed, and how people shop has changed. We know there are a lot of Furniture Store Near Castleton to choose from, but Urban Styles is the one you should check out first. We have 2 locations in Castleton, and more around Indianapolis.

Our friendly store associates will be happy to help you find the furniture for your dream home. With multiple locations, we can choose from our vast inventory, or have something made just for you. Come visit any of our locations today to experience the Urban Styles furniture shopping difference.

Furniture Store Near Castleton

If you’ve ever looked on Google Maps for a Furniture Store Near Castleton, you’re going to hit quite a few results. Some are name brand showrooms with furniture fit for a king, at a king’s price. Other showrooms are only opened on weekends, and some of them specialize in specific styles and types of furniture. Before you start shopping, you need to set your furniture budget and figure out what matters the most to you.

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for new furniture. The most important question to ask is: “Who will use this and how often will it be used?” Your Living Room couch is probably going to be the most frequently used piece of furniture in the house. Dining room tables are great for Thanksgiving Dinner, but how many other times will you use it?

The first step in shopping for lots of furniture is making a budget per room or per item. We always recommend furnishing one room at a time to guarantee style compatibility, but we understand if you want to make your house feel like home, fast. Prioritize which pieces of furniture you need sooner than others to help keep yourself on track

What’s Your Style?

Indianapolis Home Decor

As you go from Furniture Store Near Castleton to furniture store, keep not only your budget in mind as well as your style. Some people don’t understand the difference in home décor styles, while others watch home redecorating shows on HGTV every day. But what is available on a tv show might not be exactly what you can find in the stores. If you’re unsure what style you want to go for, Urban Styles can help inspire you.

At Urban Styles, our showrooms are filled with rooms that showcase a variety of styles. We often mix and match styles too so you can see how certain pieces can work together. Our variety is what keeps our customers coming back to Urban Styles, they always want to see what’s new! Other Furniture Store Near Castleton only have generic boring furniture. Some other stores don’t display their furniture in coordinated rooms. We want you to feel like you could replicate our styles on display in your house.

Quality Vs Price

“They don’t make furniture like they used to,” is something we hear frequently. That’s because they make furniture better now. It used to be if you wanted strong furniture, you would go to a handmade furniture store or an Amish furniture store. But think about that big hardwood furniture your grandparents have. Sure, it looks great and will last generations. But that furniture is heavy, fragile, and probably won’t fit in with your new modern home.

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Big, bulky, heavy furniture cost a lot back in the day and it cost a lot today. If you feel like you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg at another Furniture Store Near Castleton but you still want quality furniture, then Urban Styles is the perfect solution for you. Buying new furniture these days no longer has the stigma that you need to keep it around forever. No one wants to inherit your heavy furniture.

Yes, furniture is not made like it used to, because now it’s made with better, lighter, and more durable materials. These materials are cost-effective, so customers save big. If you want to swap out styles in your current home, it’s much easier now with furniture made from lighter and more environmentally friendly materials. At Urban Styles, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the price. We stock name brands and make custom furniture that you will love. And you won’t break your back or your wallet getting new furniture into your home fast.

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To learn more about our furniture quality, styles, and competition, visit one of our Urban Styles Furniture Store Near Castleton Today. Any of our associates will be happy to help you answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect pieces to make your house feel like home.