With a name like “Urban Styles,” we are often asked how to define an  Furniture Store Indianapolisurban style. If you’re looking for Urban Furniture Castleton but having a hard time defining your look, we are here to help. But we have more styles than our name suggests. Visit one of our Urban Styles locations to see the variety of styles we have available to decorate your home.

What is Urban Style?

Certain styles are easy to define. Traditional furniture is usually graceful and ornate. Modern furniture is usually sleek with metal or metallic accents. But an urban style is a little harder to define and goes by a few names.

If you like exposed brick, street signs, weathered finishes, reclaimed wood, metallic accents with slim silhouettes, and natural light then you’re probably looking to design your room with an urban style in mind. Urban style is commonly defined as industrial boho or boho chic. Urban takes the mix-matched free-spirited look of the bohemian style and combines it with more modern features like metallic accents, with a minimalist approach. The end result is an open space with straight clean edges and organic accents. Imagine a large loft apartment with tall windows and exposed brick with limited walls, doors, and fixtures.

If these elements sound appealing, you might be struggling to find a bed or a large piece of furniture that fits this style, especially if you’re trying to create a minimalist open space. Urban Style has so many options for picking out Urban Furniture Castleton. Our stores have so many urban elements that you can incorporate into your home.

Urban Furniture and Decor Essentials

In order to give your home a modern stylization, you need to remember to include some key elements. Urban Furniture Castleton incorporates neutral colors with selective pops of colors. Walls and floors should be shades of black, white, and beige. Most of the furniture should fall in a similar color range but add selective pops of color like 1 colorful chair, small house plants, or vibrant rugs and pillows.

If the idea of a beige or gray couch seems uninspired to you, don’t be discouraged. Having a variety of patterns and textures is another keystone of the urban look. Pick an accent color and mix and match patterned throw pillows for your couch. This will add a layer of comfort as well as style. You can do the same pattern shuffle with rugs as well. Don’t feel obligated to have all your rugs match. Pick an accent color and spread it around the room in rugs of various textures and patterns for an organic feel.

When shopping for other Urban Furniture Castleton look for metallic elements. Black metal legs on couches and chairs will give your room the industrial feel that completed the urban look. Low profile couches, chairs, and beds with simple headboards are all good choices when designing your room. Consider stools, bookcases, or accent tables that are entirely metal to help drive home the industrial polish.

Be on the lookout for metal accent lights with exposed bulbs or wire cages. Avoid lampshades and curtains. Industrial urban rooms invite in lots of natural warm light. Pick lamps that light up large areas and spread light evenly around the room such as standing lamps or overhead hanging lights.

Natural elements like natural wood and exposed brick will pop more against a neutral color scheme. Shop Urban Furniture Castleton for beautiful natural wood coffee tables or entertainment. That wood texture is an easy one to check off your list. Incorporate fuzzy patterns in pillows and rugs to create a comfortable feeling. Or keep your colors matte and sparing for a more professional setting. Incorporating multiple patterns of the same color keep uniformity while supplementing an organic feeling into your home.

Urban Styles is your best bet for Urban Furniture Castleton

If you’ve been inspired by our Urban Furniture Castleton appearance, then visit one of our 5 Urban Styles locations all over Indianapolis. Our showrooms have a wide variety of furniture in an abundance of styles, including urban. Urban Styles is also a great choice when shopping for wall art, lighting, and room accessories. Contact one of our friendly representatives to assist you with completing the best look for your room.