Being in the Midwest, there’s something that feels comfortable about farmhouse décor. It’s simple, and there are so many things that are easy to incorporate. A big appeal to farmhouse decor is that it’s not aesthetically pleasing, it’s also designed to be functional. You don’t have to sacrifice function for fashion. Urban Styles is your Castleton Farmhouse Decor superstore. We have so many pieces to complete your farmhouse-inspired look.

Farmhouse Color Pallet

When you’re starting your farmhouse themed room, remember to think Furniture Indianapolisfarmhouse and not barn. Barns inspire browns and red coloring, while Castleton Farmhouse Decor tends to be a much cooler pallet. Start by painting the walls in a cool neutral color like beige, gray, or sage. White shelving will really pop against a gray wall.

As you look for furniture and other accent pieces, you’ll want to stay in this same color pallet. Throw pillows and pieces of art should also be cooler colors. Loud and bold colors will throw your room off balance.

An important element of farmhouse décor is nature. Natural or weathered elements can add textures to your room. Some of these can also add some color. Using stone, wicker, cotton, and wool around the room will not only keep the proper pallet in the room but also help it feel organic and natural.

Common Farmhouse Elements

Besides feeling organic with a cool color scheme, your Castleton Farmhouse Decor tends to be simple, functional, and rustic. Sometimes it’s hard to find a piece that meets all of these criteria. A lot of farmhouse furniture tends to be white or natural wood in color.

Rustic tends to be our first thought when it comes to finalizing the farmhouse feel, but don’t go overboard. While rustic furniture looks cute, you want your furniture to be functional as well. Old and repurposed furniture is great but can be time-consuming to fix up. Or if it’s too old to function properly, then it’s probably worth replacing to find something that fits your needs better. Remember, if you’ve got a cool pallet with white accents, dirt and dust are going to be more apparent. Having older pieces that are difficult to clean might make a dark area in your room. Be sure to incorporate wood in some way in your room. Large wooden pieces add character to a room.

If you’re searching for rustic pieces, keep them small instead of bulking up a Best Indianapolis Furniture Storeroom with large pieces of furniture like armoires and cabinets. The Farmhouse style is very open and inviting. Open shelving in kitchens and living rooms are a way to show off those cute little accents like vintage gardening tools, old-timey signs, or crocks.

Baskets of all sorts are common in farmhouse styled rooms. Wicker baskets, wireframes, and metal accents can give the room form and function. Don’t limit your accents for your storage purposes, finding light fixtures with wire cages or rope wrapped lamps are fun and easy to find features you can easily add to your room.

The overall look you’re trying to go for is natural, effortless, and organic. If a room is too full or seems too calculated, you’ll lose the character you’re trying to create.

Extra Farmhouse Touches We Love

Indianapolis Kitchen Furniture perfect for Farmhouse DecorA common fear when trying to buy Castleton Farmhouse Decor is that you’ll only be able to use vintage and reclaimed pieces. You’ll have to shop around flea markets all over town to look for a piece you love, and then maybe you’ll have to do some DIY-ing to make it seem organic. Save yourself the headache and visit Urban Styles.

If you’re looking for furniture to match your cool color pallet, Urban Styles has many pieces that will fit. We have unique pieces of furniture that will fit the farmhouse motif. We also have pieces in natural wood colors. Save yourself time and money by getting your big practical furniture from a reputable store. If you get your furniture from a secondhand store like an antique store where you can’t guarantee the quality or get it fixed easily since it won’t be under warranty.

Save your trips to the antique store for your little accents and personal pieces for your shelves. Once you find the elements you’ve been searching for, come back to Urban Styles to fill in the gaps. We have lots of little accent furniture, statement pieces, knickknacks, and wall art that will help complete your farmhouse room.

Visit Urban Styles, your Castleton Farmhouse Decor Headquarters

For Castleton Farmhouse Decor that is modern, doesn’t break the bank, and looks great, visit any of Urban Styles locations. Our associates will be happy to assist you in creating the farmhouse look of your dreams.