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The bedroom is probably your favorite room in your house. It’s a room that is yours that you can unwind in. Whether you share a bedroom with your spouse, or you’re the only person in your house, its important that your Castleton Bedroom Decor inspires a feeling of relaxation and comfort. At Urban Styles, we have a large selection of bedroom furniture and decor that will make your bedroom your personal retreat.

Visit Urban Styles in Castleton today to peruse our large collection of bedroom furniture in many styles and colors. When you order a bedroom set complete with headboard, dressers, and nightstands, your room will be halfway decorated and you can start having a good night’s sleep.

Start with The Bed

Indianapolis Bedroom Furniture | Castleton Bedroom Decor

When putting together your future bedroom, it’s important to measure the room the first to make sure all your prospective furniture will fit in it. The bed is the largest piece of furniture that will go in this room, if not your home. If you’re hoping to get a King size bed, it’s important to get an idea of how such a big piece of furniture will fit in the room. A large bed in a small room might not leave room for any other furniture. So be sure to find the bed size that fits your room best.

A lot of people prefer to put their beds in the middle of the room. This makes it easy to make the bedroom symmetrical. However, it is also important to consider the windows in the room when deciding where to put the bed. If you don’t like getting up with the morning sun, you might not want your bed facing a window. Beds can be placed in front or next to windows but be sure that your headboard doesn’t completely block out all the natural light.

If you watch television from your bed, figure out where you want to put your television so it is easy to see. If you don’t want to have to sit up while in bed to watch Netflix, mount your television at a higher angle, or put it on top of a high dresser for additional comfort while viewing.

Create Symmetry with your Castleton Bedroom Decor

Once you got the bed in place, you want to try to balance out the room. Getting a bedroom set with two nightstands or two dressers will help you get started. A set of Castleton Bedroom Decor can make decorating easy since everything will match.

Think about how you use your bedroom. If you frequently watch television in your room, have a tall dresser across from the bed will help. Readers might find match nightstands with reading lamps to be more relaxing. If your bedroom is your main dressing room, it will be convenient to have your dresser near your closet. Don’t forget a mirror. Instead of a long shorter dresser, opt for a vanity with a bench to go opposite of your bed to create balance in the room.

When creating your ultimate bedroom, what’s important to avoid is putting all the large furniture on one side of the room because that will create imbalance. Having balance in your room will help you relax after a long day.

Additional Comfortable Bedroom Furniture

Castleton Bedroom Decor

Although a bed is the ultimate piece of comfortable furniture, there are lots of other Castleton Bedroom Decor options you can add to enhance the coziness in your room.

If you do get dressed in your room frequently, having a chair or a bench in your room might be an easy spot to put shoes on. If you have a dark, empty corner in your room, create a reading space. Find a comfortable chair with a standing reading light for your own quiet space.

Rugs are a great way to add a soft texture to a bedroom. Even if your room is already carpeted, an extra fuzzy rug between walkways will feel good on your feet. Wall art, mirrors, and clocks will also give your bedroom color and personality. Have posters and art framed in your bedroom to make it feel more grown-up while still personalizing it to fit your interests and style.

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Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, dining room, or any other room in your house, Urban Styles has the furniture and decor you’re looking for. Our Castleton Bedroom Decor is part of our expansive showroom. Visit one of our Castleton locations today to see our large selection of furniture in stock.