Drowning in Home Decor Ideas?

Drowning In Home Decor Ideas?

Put your hands in the air if you’ve got a thousand pins to your “dream home” Pinterest page. Okay, for those of you with your hands up, keep them up if you have no idea where to go, or what to do with any of those home & decor ideas. Now, take both of your hands and give yourself a big hug, with a deep breath, and tell yourself, “It’s going to be okay, Urban Styles is going to help me with my Home Decor.

Home Decor

If you are like 98% of the world using Pinterest curating Home Decor pages ruthlessly, then your board are probably packed full with beautiful photos of perfect blends of beautiful antiques, custom furniture, and modern wall art. All of these are spaces that you envision yourself living in. Spaces that generally stay pinned to these boards and never come to life.

Here to the rescue, we are going to share tips to help you narrow down those 5,000 decor pins into specific spaces you absolutely adore, complete with where you can find pieces you will never fall out of love with. We want you to break down your pins and ideas using three different steps:

What is your over all vibe for your home? What are the colors, the tones/hues, and styles that you are attracted to?

What are your favorite decor features? Are there certain chairs or couches that you can’t seem to stop pinning?

What are the accents and accessories that you adore? What details speak to you?

Home Decor

Home Decor: Your Vibe

The first thing to do is look at your Pinterest boards from a broad perspective. Start broad and then narrow it down. Let’s start by talking about your living room space. Are 80% of your pins clean, white spaces? Or are they colorful and vibrant? Do you repeatedly pin a home with beautiful hard wood floors? Or are they lofty spaces with exposed brick? What colors and hues or style do you keep coming back to? Scroll through your Pinterest boards and take mental inventory of your overall reoccurring vibe.

Home Decor: Fave Features

Let’s dial down a little more. Looking at your living room spaces and Home Decor that you’ve pinned, what are the features you find yourself consistently saying, “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” Could it be that sectional couch to host friends and family in your home? Or are you dying to have a grey three seater couch with a beautiful floral accent chair? Are those pins drawing you to a farmhouse style coffee table? Or an ottoman? What are the bigger furniture pieces that are catching your eye. Take note of these decor pieces for your home.

Home Decor
Home Decor

Home Decor: The Details

Now onto the nitty gritty decor details. What do you love about each pin? Go in and make note. Is it the patterned pillow? Or does the wall art snag your attention? Curate a list of accessories that you adore as you scroll through your Pinterest dream home boards. Go in on the details this time around. Down to the curtains, the plants, the mirrors, the chandelier you have wanted all your life.

Home Decor Heroes

After you’ve taken a deep breath and used this guide to break down your Home Decor ideas on Pinterest, it’s time to make it a reality. Take one final glance to see if your heart is satisfied. We have the personnel, custom/unique furniture pieces and all the accessories you will need to make your dream home space come to life. With over 500 vendors and a keen eye for decor and design, Urban Styles has become a destination store for customers and designers from NYC to L.A.  In our stores you will find everything you need for your home.

Check out our gallery to add to your Pinterest boards and check out our Contact page to come on in to see us!

Home Decor
Home Decor
Home Decor
Home Decor

Creating a One-Of-A-Kind Living Space

Beginners Guide to Creating a One-Of-A-Kind Living Space

Looking to liven up your living space? Whether you’re looking to redo your bedroom or living room it is important to make it feel like yours. Take some time to think about what would complement the current style in your home and go from there. You will find that even the smallest pieces will add enormous character to your home. Below are a few ways you can create your One-Of-A-Kind living space!

Use Antiques

Choosing antiques and mixing old and new items can be difficult and intimidating to beginners. However, if it feels right there are no rules. By choosing antiques with a timeless look and placing them with traditional designs, your look will last forever. Most people think they shouldn’t mix antiques with a modern or traditional styles but actually, it creates a really cool composition if it’s done correctly.

Use Antiques

Choosing antiques and mixing old and new items can be difficult and intimidating to beginners. However, if it feels right there are no rules. By choosing antiques with a timeless look and placing them with traditional designs, your look will last forever. Most people think they shouldn’t mix antiques with a modern or traditional styles but actually, it creates a really cool composition if it’s done correctly.

Accent Walls

Accent walls are a great way to make a powerful statement in a room. They serve as another way to use paint colors, fabrics, textures and make your living space come to life. Accent walls can be used in any room,  even on the ceiling. Additionally, accent ceilings can be stylized with crown moldings. When creating your accent wall make sure to think outside of the box to make it stand out!

One-Of-A-Kind Furniture

Figuring out what pieces will fit in a living space is one of the hardest parts of interior design. Custom made furniture can make this uphill battle a little easier. Going to a custom furniture manufacturer will save you additional time rearranging pieces to fit. If your living space has pieces that don’t fit it can look cluttered or messy. With custom furniture, you can see your room in a new lens. Leaving the rest of the room easier to decorate.

Shop Local

Furniture and accessories bought through local merchants typically make a living space feel more unique. Big retailers often resort in mass manufacturing and resulting in less effort put into each product. With a local Indianapolis Furniture Store like Urban Styles, your furniture and accents have a more personal touch.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are important for making your living spaces One-Of-A-Kind. Certain pieces like mirrors, sofas, headboards, and etc. can really provide a wow factor in your home. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t fill a room with statement pieces though, or it could be too much on the eye.

Here at Urban Styles, we carry all styles of furniture from antiques to contemporary, as well as many One-Of-A-Kind furniture pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. We buy from factories and vendors from all over the world. We have become a popular destination for designers and customers from all over the nation. After 25 years of business in the industry, we still ensure our mid-western values and quality throughout our products, staff, and services. Never hesitate to reach out and ask questions about our products, we are always eager to hear about your next design project. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at +1 317-578-7770

How To Make Your Indianapolis Home Look Like a Farmhouse

Best Indianapolis Furniture Store

Although Indianapolis is located in the Midwest, which is surrounded by many farms, the majority of people in the Hamilton County area have very modern, suburban homes. There are no cows roaming the fields nearby, but instead kids running up and down the blocks and people walking their dogs. If you were to open up the front door of many of these houses, they might tell a totally different story with the now popular farmhouse decorating style.

What Is Farmhouse Decorating?

Farmhouse decorating is a great decorating style to merge the old with the new. It is cozy and light but also full of character. It blends in modern design with nature elements without going over the top with excessive amounts of fake plants and flowers.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas from our Indianapolis Furniture Store!

Urban Styles takes pride in staying on top of modern furniture and decor trends. We buy directly from over 500 vendors throughout the world and have hand-picked selections in our Indianapolis furniture store. If you are looking to incorporate the farmhouse feel in your house, here are some furniture and decorating ideas that will help you achieve a great farmhouse style:


Indianapolis Furniture Store

Reclaimed Wood – Reclaimed lumber comes from timbers and decking wood that is rescued from old factories, warehouses and barns. Being able to find the perfect distressed wood might be a difficult task, however, our furniture showroom has many pieces that incorporate that reclaimed wood look and feel. From coffee tables to side tables,

Indianapolis Farmhouse Furniture

Antique Furniture – Our Indianapolis Furniture store has a large variety of pieces that will compliment your farmhouse style including leather sofas, patterned chairs, and neutral pieces to pull in the color from the decor pieces around them. Match them with your reclaim wood coffee and end tables and you have a great farmhouse-themed combination.

Furniture Store

Sliding Barn Doors – Both stylish and functional, sliding barn doors are a great farmhouse touch for your home. Many pieces of our, including media consoles, have the sliding barn door look to them adding that touch of farmhouse to your Indianapolis home.

Vintage-inspired accessories –  One of the best parts of the farmhouse style is the accessories. Once used for more function than decor, there are a lot of pieces we offer at Urban Styles that will compliment your farmhouse style. From bird cages to globes and even antique sowing machines, there’s a large selection of accessories you can choose from.

Indianapolis Furniture Store

Wall Art –  Have empty wall space? Rustic or vintage-inspired signs add personality and character to any farmhouse-themed space. The signage will compliment your room by allowing your room be fully surrounded by the farmhouse theme from floor to ceiling. Look for elements such as gears and large clocks in our Indianapolis store, to pair perfectly with your furniture and accessories.

Our Indianapolis Furniture Store Should Be Your First Stop

No matter what direction you choose to go with you home’s renovation, you should start your search at Urban Styles. Located right off of the 465 loop on the northside of Indianapolis, our furniture store has all you’ll need to give your house the farmhouse look and feel you’ve always dreamed of to turn your house into a home!

Want to stop by? Visit our contact page for directions or to get in touch with us.


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