Modernize Your Dining Room in 2019

Invite Your Dining Room to 2019 with Your Favorite Indianapolis Modern Furniture Store

It’s 2019! Hard to believe, right? Well, it’s here and we are bringing you the modern furniture trends for 2019. Some were here in 2018 and aren’t going anywhere soon. It’s the perfect time to modernize your dining room with Urban Styles Indianapolis Modern Furniture in time for the next holiday. It seems as if the holidays were just here, but look at it this way, you have plenty of time to stop by our store in Indianapolis to find modern furniture pieces that will bring your family and friends closer this holiday, Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Modern FurnitureDining room and furniture updates are a never ending thing. But this year let us help you out. In 2019 modern furniture is trending towards earthy, simple, with bold accents. Boho is back! Matte black is the new grey. Plants are on the forefront of design and less is more. Clutter free this 2019! Yes! The Dulux paint color for the year is Night Watch. It’s a moody, mysterious green. It’s the perfect color to pair with neutrals, blacks, gold and modern bold accents.

Want an easy guide to the modernizing process? Keep reading!


Natural wood furniture was here in 2018 and it’s not going anywhere this new year, Indianapolis. It’s here to stay. This solid color will be a good focal point to the room.

Benches are no longer for picnic furniture. They are the new normal in all modern dining rooms. These pieces of modern furniture take away the formal feeling of your dining room. It transforms your space into more of a social modern gathering space, thus yielding comfortable conversations and allows for more people around the table. Turn your drab dining room into a rustic modern farmhouse by simply adding a bench to your table. Can’t find a bench that matches? Come to Urban Styles to see what our Indianapolis Modern Furniture store has to offer. Mix and match!

Indianapolis Modern FurnitureLighting

Large ornate lighting fixtures are becoming a thing of the past. While crystal chandeliers are luxurious, elegant and can be modern, but 2019 you will see a shift towards a cluster of lights over the modern dining room table.

Low hanging lamps and wired Edison bulbs hanging at different levels are on trend for your new modern dining room. Unique modern light fixtures like these can become an awesome expression of your personality and an ice breaker when you have guests over for a meal.


The sweet, sweet embrace of the minimal, Scandinavian design is loosening in 2019. With the ever-growing interest in bold accent colors, we suggest large scale artwork or a gallery wall to fill space for a modern update on your walls. For gallery wall inspiration, stop by any one of our five locations to find your newest modern furniture pieces that will take you through the years to come:

  • Urban Styles at 8375 Castleton Corner Drive
  • Furniture Discounters West at 4150 North Lafayette Road
  • Urban Underpriced at 5602 Castleton Corner Lane
  • Furniture Discounters East at 10012 East Washington Street
  • American Furniture at 4647 West 38th Street

With our multiple locations around Indianapolis, we make furniture shopping as convenient as possible.

Bar Cart

These hot tamales were on fire in 2018 and don’t seem to be simmering for the new year, Indianapolis. They are the perfect accessory for entertaining. Bar carts with bold, gold piping is on trend for this year. At Urban Styles, we have plenty of modern bar carts that you can call your own. Check out our gallery, or stop on in to see us and one of our reps will show you around our Indianapolis Modern Furniture store.

Home for the Holidays with Your Favorite Indianapolis Furniture Store

Furniture Indianapolis

With the holidays and the new year closing in on us, how did this happen?! Anyways, as the holidays come in hot, it’s hard not to look at Pinterest and Instagram, praying for the funds to create the perfect furniture for the perfect gathering space. Come on, you know you have those enviable moments scrolling through thousands of elegant and modern furniture pins. What if we told you that with the help of Urban Styles, you too could have a place and furniture you can be proud of and inspired by during the holidays? Urban Styles has anything your heart desires. Whatever style you are, our store has it. If we don’t we can custom order furniture just for you!

At Urban Styles, your favorite Indianapolis Furniture Store, we offer a very large selection of quality furniture for you to create the perfect gathering place for friends and family. The furniture pieces you choose for any space or room can make a big impact when it comes to welcoming guests in and creating a comfortable atmosphere.

To encourage you to create an inspiring gathering space to host your next holiday party, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite tips, tricks, and furniture for your home.

Starting with the Living Room

The furniture for many conversations and laughs is the couch. We have a grand selection of sectionals in our store here in Indianapolis. Sectionals fit more people and are in a shape to encourage conversation and camaraderie.

Another amazing piece of furniture that you must have in your living room is an ottoman. This furniture piece is so versatile. Many of our ottomans double as mini storage units so that you can keep your gathering space free of clutter. Bringing everyone together in a comfortable way.

Rug- especially if you have hard wood floor, it enhances the comfortability of the room this really cements the look you are going for and pulls it all together.

Moving on to the Dining Room

Memories and family decisions are made around the kitchen table. The perfect table for conversation is circular. At Urban Styles, your favorite Indianapolis Furniture Store we carry offer custom-made tables that are built to fit your space here in Indianapolis perfectly. You can speak with one of our store representatives and build the table of your dreams that you can raise a family around. Complete your space with custom chairs so that the conversation overflowing from the kitchen to the dining room never has to end.

Accessories Are a Must

Accessories are the icing on your cake when it comes to furniture. Our favorite furniture piece that we carry when it comes to the dining room is a cubbard to display all of your prized possessions that have been passed down for generation. These can also be investment pieces that generate conversations. Break the ice if you will.

For inspiration, stop by any one of our five Indianapolis locations to find your newest furniture pieces that will take you through the years to come:

  • Urban Styles at 8375 Castleton Corner Drive
  • Furniture Discounters West at 4150 North Lafayette Road
  • Urban Underpriced at 5602 Castleton Corner Lane
  • Furniture Discounters East at 10012 East Washington Street
  • American Furniture at 4647 West 38th Street

Your Favorite Indianapolis Furniture Store

Here at Urban Styles, we carry all styles of furniture from antiques to contemporary, anything you could possibly want from a furniture store to create a place for gathering this holiday to spend quality time with friends and family. Never hesitate to reach out and ask questions about our furniture or products, we are always eager to hear about your next design project. Fill out our contact form or give one of our store representatives at +1 317-578-7770. In the meantime, check out our gallery to see if any furniture inspires you for your home!


Creating An Oasis To Unwind

Indianapolis Bedroom Furniture

Complete Your Castle with Urban Style Indianapolis Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. An oasis that you can come to at the end of the day. With the crazy, hectic and busy lifestyles we live today, we need a place where we can relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Urban Styles is your go-to for Indianapolis Bedroom Furniture. We value your rest just as much as you and strive to provide pieces that will be perfect for your bedroom. Whether your bedroom is big, small or somewhere in between, here are a few tips to take your space from just a room to a sea of tranquility.

Indianapolis Bedroom FurnitureWalls

Think calming. Think muted and soft for the paint on the walls. At Urban Styles we have a great selection of accessories that are tranquil and soothing. It will take your bedroom walls from bare to perfect for your space.

Indianapolis Bedroom Furniture

Furniture is the foundation of any home and the bedroom is no exception. It anchors the bedroom and sets the tone. Urban Styles has an amazing selection of… Remember, this is the room that you will spend most of your time in, so make sure you get it right. If you need any help, Urban Styles has amazing associates that will help you from start to finish.


It’s called a bedroom for a reason. Think luxury and abundance. Your bed should be the staple and focal point of your bedroom. This piece of furniture should be your best investment of the space. It is the piece that you will rest your head night after night. Urban Styles has an amazing selection of beds. From unique to custom, there is a bed for everyone. Once you have the bed frame, make sure you fill it with soft sheets and fluffy bedding complete with a lot of pillows to make sure you feel like a king in his castle.

Indianapolis Bedroom FurniturePillows

Details make all the difference and pillows are the perfect place to get the details right. There is a difference from the pillow you rest your head on and the throw pillows that complete your kingdom. Plush.

On the Floor

Often times it’s hard to find the perfect rug for your bedroom because you isolate the rug and forget about the bigger picture, building your oasis. Your sanctuary. Sometimes people forgo rugs because they are pricey or seem like too big of a commitment. However, rugs are the ribbon that ties your bedroom together in the end.

When you’re thinking about where to go for Indianapolis Bedroom Furniture think Urban Styles. We’re known for having great furniture, and even more so we’re known for the shopping experience. Come get lost in our massive showroom and see first hand what we can do for you to take your space from a bedroom to a comfy oasis or check out the gallery here. We guarantee you’ll find something you’ll want to take home. We’ll even help you load your vehicle with your new bedroom suit!

How Can Our Indianapolis Best Furniture Store Improve Your Home?

Best Indianapolis Furniture Store

Best Indianapolis Furniture StoreYou’ll never find the Best Indianapolis Furniture Store if you overlook Urban Styles. We’ve got the widest selection of furniture and home decor in the Indy area, including a lot of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. If you want to experience an unforgettable furniture shopping excursion, come visit our primary store at 8375 Castleton Corner Drive or any of our four sister locations.

What to Look for When Trying to Find the Best Indianapolis Furniture Store

Whether you’re filling a new home with furniture or just replacing your old sofa, it can be hard to know where to shop. There are so many furniture stores to choose from – how do you know which one is the best?

Should you pick the furniture store that’s closest to your home? How about the one you saw advertised on TV? Or maybe it’s best just to go to the cheapest furniture store around Indianapolis? Or you search Best Indianapolis Furniture Store on the internet?

Best Indianapolis Furniture StoreWhen it comes to buying furniture, it’s wise to put a little thought into which store you’ll visit. If you end up visiting stores that have limited offerings, low-quality furniture, or pieces that are way outside of your price range, you’ll end up wasting your time and energy.

Instead, spend a few minutes reading our quick guide to finding the right furniture store for you in Indianapolis. It will provide you with the information you need to help you clarify your priorities when looking for a place to shop.


The most important feature to look for when choosing the Best Indianapolis Furniture Store is selection. Unfortunately, it’s all too common to walk into a furniture store and see the exact same pieces as the last store you visited had to offer.
What you need is variety. The way you decorate your home is a direct reflection of who you are. When you visit a furniture store, you want to be able to choose from a wide selection of furniture in many different styles; you want to find pieces that match your unique sense of style.

Best Indianapolis Furniture StoreOne way to get the exact furniture you want is to have pieces customized. Your basic Best Indianapolis Furniture Store probably won’t offer this option – they’ll only provide pieces exactly as they’re displayed on the floor. But if you want high-quality, personalized pieces, find a furniture store that offers customization.

If you want to get a feel for the selection of furniture a store has to offer, one of the most efficient ways is to scope it out online. Many furniture stores have online galleries, links to pictures on social media, and other information to help you determine if it’s a place you’d like to shop.


Another quality to look for in a furniture store is the overall cost. Keep in mind that the least expensive furniture might not be the best choice; you’re often sacrificing quality in order to save a few bucks.

For example, which do you think would be better, spend $900 on a sofa that lasts 15 years or buy a sofa for $600 that gives out after 7 years? Clearly, it’s preferable to purchase the high-quality sofa.

Make sure that you’re clear about the budget you have to work with when you’re searching for the right furniture store. Furniture stores can run the gamut from bargain basement outlets to pricy, high-end furniture boutiques. If you’re not interested in low-quality furniture or you can’t afford the luxury offerings, then there’s no need to waste any time at other furniture stores.

Best Indianapolis Furniture StoreIf you’re working within a tight budget, another feature to look for in a furniture store is the type of promotions that they offer. Do they hold sales on a regular basis? Are there any discounts for purchasing a furniture set or multiple pieces? Check with the dealer’s website or give them a call to ask for details on any promotions the store might offer.


Service is another key piece of the furniture store puzzle. Without good customer service, you just end up lost and frustrated. Always remember that employees are there to help and guide you during your visit and service shouldn’t stop after you’ve made your purchase.

Delivery is another vital part of the service equation. If a furniture store doesn’t deliver your furniture when it’s expected, it ends up being a major inconvenience. Make sure that the store you’re purchasing from has a good track record of keeping its promises and delivering on time.

Check Out Our Best Indianapolis Furniture Store

At Urban Styles, we know what it takes to make our customers happy. We truly believe that we are the Best Indianapolis Furniture Store and you won’t be disappointed with our selection. We provide a wide array of high-quality furniture at prices you can afford. If you’d like to learn more about our unique furniture store in Indianapolis, we invite you to check out our gallery or give us a call at 317-578-7770.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Indianapolis Kitchen Furniture

Indianapolis Kitchen FurnitureThe kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where you prepare the important meals that fuel you and your family’s body and mind. It’s the place where great lessons are learned and great conversations are had. The kitchen represents warmth and human connection. Urban Styles encourages everyone to spend more time enjoying the past time of kitchen connecting. We do furniture, so naturally, we’ve supplied our stores with a vast selection of Indianapolis Kitchen Furniture options to fit any kitchen. We carry all styles from farmhouse to contemporary, as well as many one-of-a-kind pieces.

Better Connect with Family and Friends with Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen and dining room are connected or nearly connected in many homes, and for good reason. The kitchen is the place you prepare the meal and the dining room is the place you eat it. Today a lot of people are eating their meals on the go or in front of the TV. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, we get it. However, making the time to sit down with loved ones at least once a week at a dining table, enjoy a home cooked meal, and engage in real conversation is one of the best things you can do to nurture your friendships and family connections.

Numerous studies show that eating at the dinner table results in a number of positive outcomes for children and adults. We don’t want to get all clinical on you, but we do want to emphasize how beneficial time in and around the kitchen can be. Our job is to make it as comfortable and as awesome as possible. You can find the perfect Indianapolis Kitchen Furniture at Urban Styles. We have pieces you will definitely want to create memories with.

Indianapolis Kitchen Furniture Pieces You Must Have

Trolley Cart

A kitchen trolley is like a mini portable kitchen island. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Some have racks, drawers, cabinets or a combination of all. You can get modern kitchen trolleys with straight lines, industrial, country or even vintage trolleys. Aside from storage, many trolleys come with a food prep surface giving you that extra counter space you’ve been dreaming of.

Dining Hutches

No pantry? No problem. Get a dining hutch! Dining hutches are also sometimes referred to as china cabinets, but considering most people aren’t collecting china like people used to we’ll go with the modern term. Not that there’s anything wrong with collecting china. Today people are using dining hutches for storing pantry staples, books, and extra kitchen equipment. Dining hutches come in every size, color, and style imaginable. Get your kitchen organized and looking great with a dining hutch with Urban Styles where you can find your favorite Indianapolis Kitchen Furniture.

Baker’s Rack

A baker’s rack is a practical art piece. They’re sold in a variety of colors and styles ranging from antique to modern-sleek. They are great for displaying gadgets and hiding messes in efficient baskets and cupboards. They come in materials like iron, metal, wood and wicker. A baker’s rack is a great way to organize your kitchen in a one of kind way.

Dining Room Table Set

The dining room table is where all the magic happens. It’s the place where the amazing meals are enjoyed and the great conversation begins. Our selection of dining room table and chair designs are vast. We have everything from industrial and contemporary to farmhouse and one of a kind designs. The greatest stories are told at the dining table – make sure you have one you love.Indianapolis Kitchen Furniture

Indianapolis Kitchen Furniture: Wine Rack

If you love wine you need a wine rack. It’s really that simple. Wine racks can be high tech or modest. There are stackable racks for beginners that want to start small. Wall-mounted racks are for the more serious collector that needs space. Wine cabinets can hold your bottles, wine glasses, and accessories while providing an ideal temperature. Wine racks come in a wide variety of colors and materials. You’re sure to find the perfect wine rack for your kitchen on our Urban Styles showroom floor.

Indianapolis Kitchen Furniture

Breakfast Nook

If you want something less formal than a dining table for quick meals a breakfast nook is a perfect solution. Breakfast nooks can fill empty open space in a kitchen and provide a cozy eating and drinking area. They’re great for the kids to read or draw at while you’re cooking. They can go in corners, against the wall, or in the center of the kitchen. Breakfast nooks are versatile and come in endless styles and designs.

When you’re thinking about where to go for Indianapolis Kitchen Furniture think Urban Styles. We’re known for having great furniture, and even more so we’re known for the shopping experience. Come get lost in our massive showroom and see first hand what we can do for your home decor or check out the gallery here. We guarantee you’ll find something you’ll want to take home. We’ll even help you load your vehicle with your new furniture prize.

Modernize Your Home

Indianapolis Modern Furniture

If you’re looking for a store that offers a broad range of Indianapolis Modern Furniture, then Urban Styles is the place for you. Urban Styles is your trusted source for living room, dining room, bedroom, and office furniture. We also carry lamps, paintings, posters, pillows, sculptures, and other home decor items to help personalize your space and make it your very own – there’s something for everyone at Urban Styles!Indianapolis Modern Furniture

But a visit to Urban Styles is so much more than just a shopping trip; it’s an experience. Our customers love spending hours in our store, immersing themselves in our large selection of unique and eclectic Indianapolis Modern Furniture. Just one visit and you’ll be hooked, too – you’ll want to come back again and again to see what new and amazing pieces have arrived since your last trip.

Affordable Indianapolis Modern Furniture

At Urban Styles, we know how important it is to put your own unique stamp on your living space; a house really isn’t a home until you make it your own.
That’s why we offer the perfect blend of style and affordability by carrying an eclectic mix of furniture at a wide range of price points. We have something for every budget – whether you’re planning on spending a lot, a little, or something in between, we’re sure to have pieces you’ll absolutely love.

About Our Indianapolis Modern Furniture Store

We opened our first Indianapolis Modern Furniture store way back in 1993. A lot of changes have happened in the 25 years that we’ve been in business, but our core values still remain the same:

Indianapolis Modern FurnitureVariety

Our primary goal from the very start of our business was to offer the widest selection of home décor and furnishings possible. Here we are, more than 25 years later, and we’re still providing the stunning and distinctive pieces that our customers have come to expect.

In fact, we spend much of our time scouring the country from coast to coast in search of unique pieces. We don’t want you to walk into our store and see the same old boring sofas, chair, dining room tables, and bed frames that our competitors carry.

We’re focused on providing the “wow” factor. We want the furniture we carry to make an impression that lasts. That’s why you’ll find so many one-of-a-kind pieces that aren’t available in any other local stores.


At Urban Styles, we know you’ve got a lot going on – whether you’re a student with classes to pass, a parent with kids to care for, or a professional with late-night work sessions, your time is valuable. You shouldn’t have to spend all your spare time running around the city just to find furniture you love.Indianapolis Modern Furniture

Thankfully, Urban Styles offers several Indianapolis Modern Furniture stores for you to choose from. Our five locations are:

  • Urban Styles at 8375 Castleton Corner Drive
  • Furniture Discounters West at 4150 North Lafayette Road
  • Urban Underpriced at 5602 Castleton Corner Lane
  • Furniture Discounters East at 10012 East Washington Street
  • American Furniture at 4647 West 38th Street

With our multiple locations around Indianapolis, we make furniture shopping as convenient as possible.


Another one of our core values is providing friendly, personalized customer care. We know that a lot of customers tend to be repelled by overly zealous sales people. That’s why we pledge to put your needs first.

If you would like some guidance while you shop, our knowledgeable personnel are on hand to help. We can make suggestions, provide price quotes, find items for you, make orders, and more.

Or, if you prefer, we can simply leave you alone to browse. The choice is yours. Whatever level of customer care you’re looking for, we can provide it.


We know that everyone has their own set of preferences – one person could like muted, natural, minimalistic furniture with clean lines while the next prefers retro-style pieces with bright colors with plush textures. That’s why we offer furniture in more than just a couple of design styles.Indianapolis Modern Furniture

Our showrooms are filled with pieces from wide-ranging design styles such as modern, traditional, rustic, retro, farmhouse, minimalist, natural, beach, bohemian, industrial, shabby chic, Asian-inspired, and more. Check out our gallery here or come in to see all that Urban Styles has to offer. We guarantee you won’t find another Indianapolis Modern Furniture store quite like ours!

Dress Your Home

Urban Styles has been providing the very best Indianapolis Home Decor for more than 25 years. We pride ourselves on offering an exceptionally broad selection of furniture for every room of your home including the bedroom, living room, dining room, sun room, family room, and office.

Our large inventory also includes pieces from a wide variety of design styles. Indianapolis Home DecorWhether you like shabby chic, retro, modern, farmhouse, minimalist, traditional, rustic, industrial, or bohemian style furniture, you’re sure to find something you like at Urban Styles.

And if you like buying furniture pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind, there’s no better place to shop than Urban Styles. Our buyers deliberately seek out furniture that you won’t find anywhere else. We even buy direct from factories all over the world just to get the exceptional furniture you’re looking for.
If you’d like to see a small sampling of the furniture we offer, we invite you to check out the gallery on our website or follow our Instagram account. Better yet, come see all we have to offer in person.

Making the Most of Your Indianapolis Home Decor

Indianapolis Home DecorOnce you come to Urban Styles, you’re sure to find furniture you absolutely love. But often the biggest challenge is knowing the best ways to make changes to your current decor. Here are a few tips to help you out so you can make the most of your new Indianapolis Home Decor.

Create Mismatched Sets

The good news is that with modern style, you don’t need to worry about finding furniture that matches. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. Having multiple pieces with the exact same color, wood stain, or fabric is a one-way ticket to Boring Town – talk about monotonous!

So instead of focusing on finding matching pieces, deliberately create a mismatched set. For example, you could pair a white wooden table with colorful plastic chairs. Or try a medium brown leather sofa with orange fabric padded chairs.Indianapolis Home Decor

These types of arrangements give you a chance to express your creativity and bring a much more vibrant feel to your Indianapolis Home Decor.

Use Abstract Lighting

We all know what lighting is for. It’s just there to brighten up a room and help us see better, right? Well, not exactly.

In years past, homeowners often preferred their lighting to stay hidden in the background, putting little thought into the fixtures they bought. But thankfully that trend has changed.

Lighting is definitely useful, but it isn’t just a utilitarian fixture. In addition to illuminating a room, lighting can also become an integral part of your Indianapolis Home Decor. You can use your light fixtures as points of interest or unique design features.

Try to find lighting that makes a statement, like a dining room chandelier in unusual geometric shapes like interlocking triangles or hoops. Or maybe a glass globe with blue swirls for your entry way or a multicolored glass and metal wall sconce in your bathroom. There’s a lot you can do to liven up your space with lighting!

Quirk is Queen

If you look around at a lot of furniture stores, you’ll soon begin to notice that you’re seeing the same pieces over and over again. Furniture stores like that are stuck in the past when homeowners were more concerned about keeping up with their neighbors.

Indianapolis Home DecorThese days, home decor is all about personalization and individual expression. Of course you want your home to be comfortable but you don’t want it to look like every other house on the block. You want to make it uniquely yours.
That’s where quirk comes in. Find a few unique pieces that really speak to you and incorporate them into your decor to let your personality shine through.
For example, if the only kind of dog you ever had growing up was a corgi, find a corgi art print to hang on your wall. Or if you love to travel, buy a globe, use a travel trunk for a table, or find a temple replica to place on your coffee table.

Visit Urban Styles for More Design Tips

If you’d like to learn more about updating your space, come talk to the friendly personnel at Urban Styles. We’d love to help you find the perfect pieces to fit your home, lifestyle, and personality. Check out our gallery here.

Just come to any one of our five convenient locations: Urban Styles, our main store, at 8375 Castleton Corner Drive, Furniture Discounters West at 4150 North Lafayette Road, Urban Underpriced at 5602 Castleton Corner Lane, Furniture Discounters East at 10012 East Washington Street, or American Furniture at 4647 West 38th Street. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Drowning in Home Decor Ideas?

Drowning In Home Decor Ideas?

Put your hands in the air if you’ve got a thousand pins to your “dream home” Pinterest page. Okay, for those of you with your hands up, keep them up if you have no idea where to go, or what to do with any of those home & decor ideas. Now, take both of your hands and give yourself a big hug, with a deep breath, and tell yourself, “It’s going to be okay, Urban Styles is going to help me with my Home Decor.

Home Decor

If you are like 98% of the world using Pinterest curating Home Decor pages ruthlessly, then your board are probably packed full with beautiful photos of perfect blends of beautiful antiques, custom furniture, and modern wall art. All of these are spaces that you envision yourself living in. Spaces that generally stay pinned to these boards and never come to life.

Here to the rescue, we are going to share tips to help you narrow down those 5,000 decor pins into specific spaces you absolutely adore, complete with where you can find pieces you will never fall out of love with. We want you to break down your pins and ideas using three different steps:

What is your over all vibe for your home? What are the colors, the tones/hues, and styles that you are attracted to?

What are your favorite decor features? Are there certain chairs or couches that you can’t seem to stop pinning?

What are the accents and accessories that you adore? What details speak to you?

Home Decor

Home Decor: Your Vibe

The first thing to do is look at your Pinterest boards from a broad perspective. Start broad and then narrow it down. Let’s start by talking about your living room space. Are 80% of your pins clean, white spaces? Or are they colorful and vibrant? Do you repeatedly pin a home with beautiful hard wood floors? Or are they lofty spaces with exposed brick? What colors and hues or style do you keep coming back to? Scroll through your Pinterest boards and take mental inventory of your overall reoccurring vibe.

Home Decor: Fave Features

Let’s dial down a little more. Looking at your living room spaces and Home Decor that you’ve pinned, what are the features you find yourself consistently saying, “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” Could it be that sectional couch to host friends and family in your home? Or are you dying to have a grey three seater couch with a beautiful floral accent chair? Are those pins drawing you to a farmhouse style coffee table? Or an ottoman? What are the bigger furniture pieces that are catching your eye. Take note of these decor pieces for your home.

Home Decor
Home Decor

Home Decor: The Details

Now onto the nitty gritty decor details. What do you love about each pin? Go in and make note. Is it the patterned pillow? Or does the wall art snag your attention? Curate a list of accessories that you adore as you scroll through your Pinterest dream home boards. Go in on the details this time around. Down to the curtains, the plants, the mirrors, the chandelier you have wanted all your life.

Home Decor Heroes

After you’ve taken a deep breath and used this guide to break down your Home Decor ideas on Pinterest, it’s time to make it a reality. Take one final glance to see if your heart is satisfied. We have the personnel, custom/unique furniture pieces and all the accessories you will need to make your dream home space come to life. With over 500 vendors and a keen eye for decor and design, Urban Styles has become a destination store for customers and designers from NYC to L.A.  In our stores you will find everything you need for your home.

Check out our gallery to add to your Pinterest boards and check out our Contact page to come on in to see us!

Home Decor
Home Decor
Home Decor
Home Decor

Creating a One-Of-A-Kind Living Space

Beginners Guide to Creating a One-Of-A-Kind Living Space

Looking to liven up your living space? Whether you’re looking to redo your bedroom or living room it is important to make it feel like yours. Take some time to think about what would complement the current style in your home and go from there. You will find that even the smallest pieces will add enormous character to your home. Below are a few ways you can create your One-Of-A-Kind living space!

Use Antiques

Choosing antiques and mixing old and new items can be difficult and intimidating to beginners. However, if it feels right there are no rules. By choosing antiques with a timeless look and placing them with traditional designs, your look will last forever. Most people think they shouldn’t mix antiques with a modern or traditional styles but actually, it creates a really cool composition if it’s done correctly.

Use Antiques

Choosing antiques and mixing old and new items can be difficult and intimidating to beginners. However, if it feels right there are no rules. By choosing antiques with a timeless look and placing them with traditional designs, your look will last forever. Most people think they shouldn’t mix antiques with a modern or traditional styles but actually, it creates a really cool composition if it’s done correctly.

Accent Walls

Accent walls are a great way to make a powerful statement in a room. They serve as another way to use paint colors, fabrics, textures and make your living space come to life. Accent walls can be used in any room,  even on the ceiling. Additionally, accent ceilings can be stylized with crown moldings. When creating your accent wall make sure to think outside of the box to make it stand out!

One-Of-A-Kind Furniture

Figuring out what pieces will fit in a living space is one of the hardest parts of interior design. Custom made furniture can make this uphill battle a little easier. Going to a custom furniture manufacturer will save you additional time rearranging pieces to fit. If your living space has pieces that don’t fit it can look cluttered or messy. With custom furniture, you can see your room in a new lens. Leaving the rest of the room easier to decorate.

Shop Local

Furniture and accessories bought through local merchants typically make a living space feel more unique. Big retailers often resort in mass manufacturing and resulting in less effort put into each product. With a local Indianapolis Furniture Store like Urban Styles, your furniture and accents have a more personal touch.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are important for making your living spaces One-Of-A-Kind. Certain pieces like mirrors, sofas, headboards, and etc. can really provide a wow factor in your home. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t fill a room with statement pieces though, or it could be too much on the eye.

Here at Urban Styles, we carry all styles of furniture from antiques to contemporary, as well as many One-Of-A-Kind furniture pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. We buy from factories and vendors from all over the world. We have become a popular destination for designers and customers from all over the nation. After 25 years of business in the industry, we still ensure our mid-western values and quality throughout our products, staff, and services. Never hesitate to reach out and ask questions about our products, we are always eager to hear about your next design project. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at +1 317-578-7770

How To Make Your Indianapolis Home Look Like a Farmhouse

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Although Indianapolis is located in the Midwest, which is surrounded by many farms, the majority of people in the Hamilton County area have very modern, suburban homes. There are no cows roaming the fields nearby, but instead kids running up and down the blocks and people walking their dogs. If you were to open up the front door of many of these houses, they might tell a totally different story with the now popular farmhouse decorating style.

What Is Farmhouse Decorating?

Farmhouse decorating is a great decorating style to merge the old with the new. It is cozy and light but also full of character. It blends in modern design with nature elements without going over the top with excessive amounts of fake plants and flowers.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas from our Indianapolis Furniture Store!

Urban Styles takes pride in staying on top of modern furniture and decor trends. We buy directly from over 500 vendors throughout the world and have hand-picked selections in our Indianapolis furniture store. If you are looking to incorporate the farmhouse feel in your house, here are some furniture and decorating ideas that will help you achieve a great farmhouse style:


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Reclaimed Wood – Reclaimed lumber comes from timbers and decking wood that is rescued from old factories, warehouses and barns. Being able to find the perfect distressed wood might be a difficult task, however, our furniture showroom has many pieces that incorporate that reclaimed wood look and feel. From coffee tables to side tables,

Indianapolis Farmhouse Furniture

Antique Furniture – Our Indianapolis Furniture store has a large variety of pieces that will compliment your farmhouse style including leather sofas, patterned chairs, and neutral pieces to pull in the color from the decor pieces around them. Match them with your reclaim wood coffee and end tables and you have a great farmhouse-themed combination.

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Sliding Barn Doors – Both stylish and functional, sliding barn doors are a great farmhouse touch for your home. Many pieces of our, including media consoles, have the sliding barn door look to them adding that touch of farmhouse to your Indianapolis home.

Vintage-inspired accessories –  One of the best parts of the farmhouse style is the accessories. Once used for more function than decor, there are a lot of pieces we offer at Urban Styles that will compliment your farmhouse style. From bird cages to globes and even antique sowing machines, there’s a large selection of accessories you can choose from.

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Wall Art –  Have empty wall space? Rustic or vintage-inspired signs add personality and character to any farmhouse-themed space. The signage will compliment your room by allowing your room be fully surrounded by the farmhouse theme from floor to ceiling. Look for elements such as gears and large clocks in our Indianapolis store, to pair perfectly with your furniture and accessories.

Our Indianapolis Furniture Store Should Be Your First Stop

No matter what direction you choose to go with you home’s renovation, you should start your search at Urban Styles. Located right off of the 465 loop on the northside of Indianapolis, our furniture store has all you’ll need to give your house the farmhouse look and feel you’ve always dreamed of to turn your house into a home!

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